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The amount of water available in the planet is limited. Out of the total available water, 97.5 per is salt water in the Oceans. 1.5 per of the fresh water is permanently locked in the snow clad mountains and glaciers. Only 1 per of the fresh water is available for the mankind for consumption and every use. With the increase in world population, the demand and use of water increases rapidly. At present, 700 million people in 43 countries suffer from water scarcify and in next 15 years  Know more..

Advantage Confident

Irrefutable reasons of becoming your choice

Two Decade of Serving Nature

Since 2002 Confident Engineeringis dedicating itself in the task of water andwaste water treatment and recycling .Thereby contributing to sustainability of the environment .

Patented Technology & Process

We have developed Electro-Coagulation technology for installation of water treatment plant. This indigenously developed technology is also patented.

World Class Manufacturing facility

50,000 sq. feet factoryequipped with latestwelding and testing equipment, measuring instruments, Computer Aided Designing and SOLIDWORK SOFTWARE manufactures world class products .

Diverse industries, Our services

Our waste water treatment offer services in various industries viz-Oil & Gas, Distilleries, Domestic Waste Water, Car Wash, Fish Processing, Textile Processing, Food Processing, Hospital & Laundry, etc. We also provide iron softeners.

Globe Knows Us

Across the globe in different types of industries trust Confident Engineering’s technology. We are further making new expansions in different countries.

Customized Services

We are committed to provide customized services catering to the individual requirements of the diverse customers.

Expertise in Service

Dedicated team possessed with technical know-howoffer prompt service to on-site servicing and breakdown, both electrical and mechanical.

Caring for Future

Through Water Treatment andWaste Water Management services Confident Engineering is making humble efforts to save precious water of the planet for Gen Next .


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